Wellue O2 Pulse Oximeter with Smart Reminder

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Wellue O2 Pulse Oximeter with Smart Reminder

  • 【Free APP&Software for Android, iOS&PC】The “Vihealth” App and “O2 Insight Pro” Software allow you to share all-day data and trend easily, or watch your real-time O2 level and heart rate on your phone, tablet or computer. Please download “Vihealth” from Apple Store or Google Play.
  • 【Smart Vibration & Audio Reminder】The adjustable vibration and audio reminder stirs you to wake gently if blood O2 saturation falls below your defined level.
  • 【All-day Monitoring】Checkme O2 Max records your O2 level (blood O2 saturation level), pulse rate, and motion with extremely accuracy.
  • 【Comfort Patented Ring Sensor】Soft silicone ring sensor won’t make your finger numb and never slips from your finger, which completely frees your finger.
  • 【Up To 72Hrs Long-lasting Use】No AAA batteries required, without keeping batteries nearby, continuous using up to 9 nights(72 hours) after one charge, with an one-year warranty.
  • 【Built-in Memory】 Wellue O2 Pulse Oximeter stores four groups of 10-hour data. When the device is connected to the APP via Bluetooth, the data will be uploaded automatically.
  • NOTE: It’s not a medical device. This device is for Sports and Aviation use only and not intended for medical use.
  • Wellue Oxygen Monitor


wellue checkmeO2 max smart wrist pulse oximeter



Better life with checkeme O2 Max.

  • The Device will BEEP amd VIBRATE to tell you when your oxyegn level is lower, or HR is higher/lower than the threshold you preset.


Turn on/off them, adjust the threshold and intensity separately to fit you best.

  • The APP will Beep to remind you if your readings exceeds the threshold you set.


* Note: The App bibibi only when your phone stays in Dashboard of the App and not locked.


oxygen monitor


Intuitive Record Reveals Detailed Insights

  • Save history data to your phone unlimitedly at no additional cost.
  • Detailed analysis and trends of your all day oxygen levels, heart rate and body movements.
  • Zoom in/out chart to view exact info in 2 seconds interval.
  • Share unlimited records directly.
  • Integration with Apple Health.


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