TRIA Beauty Laser Hair Removal Device 4X – Cordless at Home


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4X hair removal laser

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Yes. I am male and I am using it. I have about 60% reduction in hair growth in 3 treatments.
By WJ on August 24, 2017

No matter your race, it depends on the darkness of your skin. Before the laser will unlock for use, you have to put the sensor on the area you plan to treat. If the skin color is light enough, the machine will unlock for use. If your skin color is too dark, it wont unlock and cant be used. My two children are half white, half black, and I tested the tria laser on each of them to see if their skin is light enough to unlock the laser (didnt use the laser, just tried to unlock it 🙂 ). My son, who has medium tan skin, and is often mistaken for hispanic (just to give you an idea of skin color), had skin light enough to unlock the laser. When i tested it on my daughter, who is darker than my son, and has dark tan colored skin, it wouldnt unlock. Tria now makes a hair removal laser that can be used on dark skin and light colored hair. I would look into that one instead, if I had skin darker than a light tan color.


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