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About Pure Daily Care Luma – 4 in 1 Skin Therapy Wand

The Pure Daily Care Luma 4 in 1 Skin Therapy Wand is a versatile and effective device designed to improve the overall health and appearance of your skin. This high-tech wand features four different modes of operation, each of which offers its own unique benefits for your skin.


  • 4-in-1 Beauty Powerhouse – Luma harnesses 4 powerful yet completely natural technologies to give you an all in one skincare tool. This skin therapy wand allows you to use each mode individually or combine them for tailored therapies including anti-aging, skin firming, and more depending on your skin care goals
  • LED Light Therapy & Wave Penetrating Cell Stimulationion – Luma’s first 2 modes include powerful red, blue and green leds. Light therapy has been clinically proven to naturally help fight the signs of aging (red), calm skin (blue) and improve complexion (green). Wave Penetration technology is like your skins weekly workout helping lift and firm while retaining skin moisture to drastically stimulate collagen and elastin production
  • Ionic & Massage Therapies – The third and fourth Luma modes include ionic/galvanic channeling and Massage. You can set either ion(+) or ion(-) to pull dirt and and impurities out of the skin OR deliver serums and creams into the deeper layers of the skin which drastically improving their absorption and effectiveness. Massage mode has two setting which harness the power of vibrations to firm your skin by gently working your facial muscles which improve muscle tone in the cheeks, eyes and forehead
  • Convenient Features – Enhanced features including an LED display allow you to quickly create your custom treatments. A premium lithium rechargeable battery lets you charge Luma so you can use it cord free. Lastly a built in timer feature lets you pre-set how long you want each treatment to last. Luma will automatically power down once the timer runs out so you know you’re finished
  • What’s in the box – 1 Luma wand, travel pouch, charging cable, quick-start treatment guides, instruction manual


pure daily carePure Daily Care is a USA based brand that creates cutting-edge skincare & wellness devices.

From skin-transforming technology to mood-enhancing aromatherapy, our advanced tools have helped over 1 million customers address concerns like wrinkles, breakouts, and stress with professional grade treatments at home.




Luma Wand , 4 skin care modes

With Luma Wand, harness the power of 4 skin therapy modes for a curated wellness experience:

· LED Photonic Light Therapy: red, blue and green light modes, to address aging, blemish, and pigmentation concerns

· Bio-Wave Mode: Stimulate skin for a firmer and lifted appearance

· Ionic Channeling: Clean+ mode to deep clean the skin by attracting oil, dirt and debris; Nutri- mode to apply serums and creams to deeper layers of the skin

· Massage Mode: Stimulate facial muscles to promote microcirculation and lymphatic drainage


Using the Luma Wand

What is LED light therapy, and why is it so beneficial?

– LED light therapy is a non-invasive treatment where skin is exposed to one or more wavelengths (colors) of light. The light enters the skin’s layers to help improve the skin.

– Different light colors penetrate the skin at different depths, addressing skin concerns that arise at various layers.




Luma Wand Red LED




Red Light penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, where it helps stimulate the production of collagen, for a plumper and younger appearance







Person using the Luma Wand Green LED





Green Light penetrates the dermis, reducing the look of skin discoloration and an uneven complexion





Luma Wand Blue LED




Blue Light penetrates the uppermost layers of the skin, targeting the root cause of blemishes and breakouts, and addressing inflammation






Combine modalities to tailor your skin care regimen:




Anti-aging combination:

– Bio-wave

– Nutri-

– Massage

– Photon red light

– 10 minutes

Cleansing combination:

– Bio-wave

– Clean-

– Photon green light

– 15 minutes

Blemish-Inflammation combination:

– Photon blue light

– 8 minutes

Additional information

Package Dimensions :

8.46 x 6.65 x 2.76 inches

Item Weight :

1.37 pounds

Manufacturer :

Pure Daily Care




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