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  • Buy Hydration Powder Packets – Blue Raspberry Lemonade Flavor.
  • Healthy Electrolyte Replenishment: Essential elements Hydration keeps the workout going without the heaps of sugar found in sports drinks.* Whether you feel run down from travel, exercise, or other activities, Hydration can help you re-energize.* With electrolytes and apple cider vinegar, buffered vitamin C and more in 3 delicious flavors, Hydration mix is fuel for your fire.*
  • Hydration Beyond a Glass of Water: When you sweat, you lose electrolytes. In fact, we lose electrolytes constantly, even when sitting!* Without enough water, muscles can cramp and really hinder your performance overall. In order for your body to absorb water, it requires electrolytes, which is why drinking them together helps you hydrate faster.* And it’s why Essential elements Hydration is the perfect go-to when you need to hydrate.*
  • A Trio of Tasty Flavor Options: Whether it’s electrifying Blue Raspberry Lemonade, crisp Watermelon-Cucumber, or the smooth citrus of Yuzu-Lime, Electrolytes have the perfect flavors to quench thirst and power you up.* Hydration is rich in apple cider vinegar, but you’d never know it from the taste.
  • 1,500 mg of ACV Per Serving: Our Apple Cider Vinegar electrolyte formula can provide as many electrolytes as the average sports drink.* A wholesome, pure source of electrolytes, with 1,500 mg of ACV in every serving, Hydration is the new aid to maximize your workouts.*
  • Optimized Electrolyte Formula: The expert formula in Essential elements Hydration offers multiple electrolytes to optimize the benefits you receive.* With chloride, on top of sodium and potassium, your body is better able to maintain the right electrolyte balance to help you finish your workout strong.*

Looking for a convenient and delicious way to stay hydrated on-the-go? Our hydration powder packets are the perfect solution! Made with a blend of essential vitamins and minerals, our powder packets are designed to replenish your electrolytes and keep you hydrated no matter where your day takes you.


Simply mix with water and enjoy a refreshing beverage that tastes great and provides the hydration your body needs. Perfect for athletes, hikers, travelers, or anyone looking to stay hydrated and healthy, our hydration powder packets come in a variety of delicious flavors to suit every taste. So why wait? Try our hydration powder packets today and experience the benefits of staying hydrated anytime, anywhere!

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8.86 x 7.24 x 1.06 inches; 7.37 Ounces

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‏ May 24, 2021


‏ Essential Elements




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