CINEMA SECRETS Professional Brush Cleaner, 8 Fl Oz


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CINEMA SECRETS Professional Brush Cleaner is a highly effective cleaning solution designed specifically for makeup brushes. The product is an 8 Fl Oz liquid that comes in a sleek and convenient bottle. It is widely considered to be one of the best brush cleaners on the market, and is a favorite among professional makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike.

One of the key features of CINEMA SECRETS Professional Brush  is its ability to clean and sanitize brushes in a matter of seconds. The formula is highly concentrated and fast-acting, meaning that it can quickly break down makeup residue and bacteria that accumulate on brushes over time. This not only ensures that your brushes are clean and hygienic, but also helps to extend their lifespan by preventing build-up and damage.

Another advantage of CINEMA SECRETS Professional Brush Cleaner is its versatility. The product is suitable for use with all types of brushes, including synthetic and natural fibers, as well as sponges and beauty blenders. It is also safe to use on all types of makeup products, including cream, powder, and liquid formulas.

In addition to its cleaning capabilities, CINEMA SECRETS Professional Brush Cleaner is also easy to use. Simply pour a small amount of the solution into a container, dip your brush into the liquid, and then wipe it clean on a tissue or cloth. The solution dries quickly, leaving your brushes ready to use in just a few minutes.

Overall, CINEMA SECRETS Professional Brush Cleaner is a highly effective and convenient solution for keeping your makeup brushes clean and hygienic. Its fast-acting formula, versatility, and ease of use make it a must-have product for anyone who wants to maintain their brushes and ensure that their makeup looks flawless every time.


Original Makeup Brush Cleaner

Cinema Secrets Original Makeup Brush Cleaner

Start cleaning your tools like a PRO with the Vanilla Clear Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner and Cleansing Tin. Stubborn waterproof and long wear makeup melts away and brushes dry almost instantly, no water or rinsing required leaving a pleasant lemon scent. The aluminum tin is perfect for the “Dipping Method” for deep cleaning and the twist-top lid fits tight to avoid spills on the job.










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