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The Carex Upeasy Seat Assist Plus manual lifting cushion provides up to 70% lift assist for users who otherwise would need help getting up from a seated position. Equipped with an hydraulic lifting mechanism, no electricity is required for operation. Users choose the model appropriate for their weight. Before use, the lifting mechanism must also be set in the most appropriate weight slot. The patented cushion design ensures a flat lifting surface while rising. Weighing only 9 lbs. , Upeasy can be closed and easily carried using the built-in handle. Adds about 1 ½” to seat height when seated. Easy care, the cover can be machine washed, and the coated foam cushion cleaned with mild detergent. Upeasy Lifting Cushion comes with Marine Blue washable cover and high-density foam cushion. Maximum Weight: 340 lbs. Select a weight setting suited to the user and center lifting mechanism between the appropriate slots(Choosing a weaker setting will still allow a gentle lowering into the chair but will not provide as much force on rising)Refer user manual for detailed instructions

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