Buy OPI Nail Polish Treatment, 3-in-1 Original Start to Finish Nail Treatment, 0.5 Fl Oz


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START TO FINISH, your go to all in one NAIL POLISH prep, finish and nail treatment. NAIL POLISH Base Coat, Top Coat and Nail Strengthener 3 in 1 formula!


ALL IN ONE OPI Start to Finish – you get base coat and top coat in one bottle plus strengthening.


For Best Results: Apply 2 coats and wait to dry, can be used as nail polish base and top coat.

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Daily Nail and Hand Routine

To keep hands looking youthful and manicure-ready at a moment’s notice, nail care is key! Push back cuticles and apply cuticle oil daily to help condition and soften cuticles. Take care to cut only hanging skin as needed. Wash hands with a non-drying soap and regularly apply an ultra-hydrating lotion to keep hands from looking ashy or dry.



Don’t Skip Your Base and Top Coat

Great nails need more than just color! Base Coat primes the nail surface, increasing lacquer adhesion and preventing staining and yellowing of natural nails. Top Coat gives nails a beautiful shine while extending the life of manicures and pedicures. With OPI Start to Finish, you get both base coat and top coat in one bottle.



This is not a nail treatment per say, it’s a base coat & topcoat. Have used OPI products for more than 30 years.
By Amazon Customer on July 25, 2021
Sorry, not sure about chip skip, but my nails are strong & don’t chip easily. I use as a base coat then use it for 2 top coats.
By Peridot on September 9, 2020

If I recall, the nail treatment was rather sticky upon removal. So, I used a nail polish remover with a stronger acetone content. For me, it was unusual for a nail treatment to be sticky. But I do know that if the polish remover does not have acetone in it, it will be a different experience. Not as effective.
By YogiB on February 14, 2023

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