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Set contains OPI Nail Polish Top Coat and OPI Nail Polish Base Coat.


2+ weeks of wear with OPI GelColor 7 days of wear with OPI Nail Lacquer


For best results, use as directed in each product catalog.

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About OPI

Founded in 1981, OPI first established its roots in the professional nail industry, taking the brand to consumers with the launch of 30 groundbreaking Nail Lacquer shades in 1989. With its famous bottle, incredible colors, high-quality product and unique names, OPI revolutionized the nail care industry. In fact, some of these original shades – Alpine Snow, OPI Red, Malaga Wine – became so iconic, they are still sold today! For more than 25 years, OPI has offered users a ‘message in a bottle,’ creating a worldwide Culture of Color embracing color as a powerful tool for self-expression.

OPI Nail Lacquer

With high-quality formulas, fashion-forward nail polish colors, and iconic names, OPI’s heavily-pigmented Nail Lacquers are super rich, long-lasting and chip-resistant – with up to seven days of wear time. Each nail lacquer features OPI’s exclusive ProWide Brush for flawless application. Available in more than 200 shades, there’s an OPI color for everyone!



At Home Manicure, Professional Result

Step 1: Prep your nails! Remove existing nail lacquer then trim and shape nails by filing in one direction only to prevent breakage! Apply cuticle oil, push back cuticles and remove hangnails. Finally, cleanse to remove oil.

Step 2: Apply base coat to prime the nail surface, increase lacquer adhesion and prevent discoloration.

Step 3: Apply two coats of Nail Lacquer, using three strokes for each coat. Apply the first down the middle and then one on each side for complete coverage.

Step 4: Apply top coat over the nail. Don’t forget to cap the nail’s free edge to keep color from chipping!



Thank you for reaching out to OPI and asking this product question tonight.

No, you can not use a lamp with our OPI Nail Polish or Nail Lacquer. It will not dry and stay sticky if you try using a lamp.
By Bethany Bas MANUFACTURER  on October 21, 2022

Thank you for reaching out and asking this question to us at OPI.

Our OPI Nail Polish Top Coat is going to be our normal Nail Lacquer and will dry to touch within minutes. 
By Bethany Bas MANUFACTURER  on October 21, 2021

Thank you for reaching out to us at OPI with this great product question.

Our OPI Top Coats are clear and perfect for this type of manicure or pedicure. One of my favorites is our Plumping Top coat making your nail bed appear larger. 
By Bethany Bas MANUFACTURER  on November 17, 2021

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