Braun Epilator Silk-epil 9 9-579, Facial Hair Removal for Women


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I’ve been using this stuff for 20 years. Here’s the best tip: put ice in a ziploc, then cover the ziploc with a thin cotton clothing, doesn’t matter what it is. Put the ice on where you’ll be epilating for 10-20 sec (or more) then use the machine. Put the ice on the same area again for a bit. Then move to the next area. This will take time but after doing this couple of times, you’ll build the tolerance and not need ice anymore. Plus ice helps with redness and bumps. Good luck!
By bmho on April 26, 2019
It works great on the upper lip. I use it all over my face. My facial hair is blonde but I don’t like the hair on my face.
By Sheila M Nielsen on July 11, 2018

I’m a 42-yr old male of Italian heritage, so I was a naturally very hairy specimen of the male species. However, I have been totally removing my body hair since about 2004 or so. First I did the shaving thing, but that obviously wasn’t long term. After several attempted methods, I discovered epilation. I have been using the Silk-epil 2, I guess, for over 10 years now. It has worked just fine for all body parts, including the ahem parts.

The thing one must know about hair growth is that it grows in cycles. Not all hairs grow at the same time and therefore are separated in growth by a couple days. So the first time you go to epilate, it will take approximately a week of daily use to get most of your hair. But once you get yourself clear, the hairless skin will last for weeks, and from what I notice after over 10 years of use, some of the hair stops growing back. For example, my chest very rarely sees anymore growth, when before I had the curly hairs peeking out of my shirt collar.
By Razr Maxx on April 16, 2016

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Purple , White

Power Source

Battery Powered

Item Weight

1 Pounds

Charging Time

1 Hours


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